Enterprise AI/ML Application Lifecycle Management Platform

Integrated set of frameworks and accelerators to help data scientists build cognitive solutions

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Collaborate & Build With Centralized Management Console

  • Hosted containerized environment with no manual setup
  • Dedicated compute and storage, ensuring that multiple users could share the platform without competing for resources
  • Setup data science projects and resources, visualize metrics, compare experiments, parameters, source code, data, and monitor logs 

Never Lose Track Of Models Or Data

  • Customize to your AI/ML application development needs, by taking advantage of pre-built components and modules for version control of code, datasets, models, pipelines and experiments
  • Pre-configured notebooks with all the necessary internal and external libraries, and flexibility for additional customization options 
  • Run, track, and manage all your data, models, pipelines and experiments with robust version control capability

Orchestrate Complex Workflows

  • Streamline MLOps and distributed training with complete automation of DevOps (CI/CD/CT)
  • Seamlessly manage the entire development, deployment, and post-production feedback loop 
  • Integrate workflow management, visualization tools to data sources and analytics engines 

Best-Of-Breed Technology Integrations


Deploy on-premise or on cloud

Experience The Complete Solution

Easy to use control center.Quick Set up. Design, Build and Deploy
Run, test and Track Experiments. CI/CD/CT and Monitor


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