Enterprise AI/ML Application Lifecycle Management Platform

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xpresso.ai The end to end enterpise AI/ML application lifecycle management platform

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A centralized management console for enhanced collaboration

Collaborate & Build With Centralized Management Console

  • Hosted containerized environment with no manual setup
  • Dedicated compute and storage, ensuring that multiple users could share the platform without competing for resources
  • Setup data science projects and resources, visualize metrics, compare experiments, parameters, source code, data, and monitor logs 

Never Lose Track Of Models Or Data

  • Customize to your AI/ML application development needs, by taking advantage of pre-built components and modules for version control of code, datasets, models, pipelines and experiments
  • Pre-configured notebooks with all the necessary internal and external libraries, and flexibility for additional customization options 
  • Run, track, and manage all your data, models, pipelines and experiments with robust version control capability
Trace and track data, model, code, parameters, pipeline
Build complex workflows / pipelines using xpresso.ai

Orchestrate Complex Workflows

  • Streamline MLOps and distributed training with complete automation of DevOps (CI/CD/CT)
  • Seamlessly manage the entire development, deployment, and post-production feedback loop 
  • Integrate workflow management, visualization tools to data sources and analytics engines 

Best-Of-Breed Technology Integrations

Deploy on-premise or on cloud

Experience The Complete Solution

Easy to use control center.Quick Set up. Design, Build and Deploy
Run, test and Track Experiments. CI/CD/CT and Monitor

xpresso.ai – Data science for finance

xpresso.ai For Finance

With the financial markets at the cusp of a data revolution, these organizations have a huge opportunity to overcome complex challenges with AI driven solutions. AI and machine learning also present an unmatched opportunity for banks to enhance the client experience, gain market share, and reduce costs while staying compliant with regulations and fighting financial crime.

xpresso.ai – Data science for finance

xpresso.ai – Data science for Healthcare

xpresso.ai For HealthCare

With a large influx of data, healthcare organizations can leverage this magnitude of data to delivery better results with greater accuracy. AI can help healthcare organizations deliver the best predictions and outcomes for patients, while driving down costs and significantly personalizing patient care.

xpresso.ai – Data science for Healthcare

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