About Us

xpresso.ai platform enables a comprehensive approach towards building enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. With its five-stage process based cognitive journey, xpresso.ai delivers AI solutions using a reproducible methodology in a timely and robust manner. The enterprise AI journey starts with use case discovery, data intake to data preparation and cognitive modelling that leads to actionable insights.  

xpresso.ai provides scalable, reliable, easy-to-use, automated tool kits and accelerators to build useful complex AI solutions with MLOps Environment, and microservices repository. xpresso.ai provides accelerators for each phase of the journey that are built for specific cognitive goals and are enterprise-tested with our customers. Depending on the cognitive maturity of the enterprise, xpresso.ai leverages appropriate accelerators to manage the AI/ML model development and production deployment. 

xpresso.ai is optimized for AI-based analysis and operational-wide environments, from account, package, source version, data management, application development to deployment, operations, and monitoring. It also enables additional data engineering capabilities to manage Big Data.  

In August 2021, Abzooba and xpresso.ai were acquired by Temasek backed UST to serve the enterprise customers by offering comprehensive AI/ML solutions. 

This combination of UST and Abzooba will fuel xpresso.ai’s growth around the world as well as the continued innovation of the platform to ensure AI can be deployed across all business lines and at all organizations. 

Our Team 

Pradeep Suryanarayan

Chief Solutions Officer

Arnab Bose

PhD – Chief Scientific Officer

Krishnakumar Ramanujam

Head of Product

Navin Ahuja

Chief Architect

Hari Pappu

VP and GM, Platform and Products

Pronojit Saha

Solutions and Product Management


Arunangsu Sahu

Product Engineering

Rakesh Ranjan

Professional Services

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