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With the financial markets at the cusp of a data revolution, these organizations have a huge opportunity to overcome complex challenges with AI driven solutions.AI and machine learning also present an unmatched opportunity for banks to enhance the client experience, gain market share, and reduce costswhile staying compliant with regulations and fighting financial crime.


Trading Exchange Forecasting

As early as the 1990s, AI researchers had speculated that...

Risk Analysis Use Case

Risk management in banking means figuring out ways to deal...

Sentiment Analytics

Sentiment analysis involves indexing social media comments and using algorithms...

Property and Casualty Subrogation Analytics

The property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry is being rapidly...

Insurance Product Cost Optimization

Although insurance is an old industry and remains highly regulated,...

Improve the Underwriting Process

Underwriting is a critical business because it involves assessing potential...

Credit Risk Modelling

Consumers have now come to expect modern solutions from banks...

Credit Scoring – How AI Can Personalize And Optimize Credit Decisions

For most, access to credit is an essential requirement as...

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