xpresso.ai Documentation

If you’re new to xpresso.ai, here’s what we recommend:

  1. Read the Overview to understand what xpresso.ai is all about and how it can help you as a developer

  2. Go through the Use Cases to understand scenarios in which xpresso.ai can be used

  3. Follow instructions in the Quick Start Guide to get started with using xpresso.ai

  4. Now you can dive straight in and create your own solutions, using the Basic Development Workflow and Sample Solutions as a guide

  5. The xpresso.ai Marketplace is a good place to look for off-the-shelf components to use in your solutions

  6. Use the Reference Material for help - this includes an explanation of xpresso.ai Concepts , Tutorials and Developer Guides

  7. The API Reference shows you how to use the xpresso.ai API to achieve all the functionality that the Control Center provides

  8. Finally, the section on Extending xpresso.ai Functionality provides some examples of using the xpresso.ai API to go beyond what xpresso.ai provides out of the box

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