API ReferenceΒΆ

xpresso.ai includes an extensive REST API library, which enables developers to achieve all the functionality provided by the xpresso.ai Control Center within their code.

This is useful in situations where using the Control Center UI is not possible, or when extending xpresso.ai Functionality

The APIs are documented in detail here , and include the following

Authentication APIs

Login to an instance

Logout of an instance

Change user password

Solution Management APIs

Create a solution

Modify a solution

Get details of a solution

Deactivate a solution

Solution Build APIs

Build a solution

Get solution build versions

Solution Deployment APIs

Deploy a solution

Get deployed pipeline versions

Undeploy a solution

Pipeline Experiment APIs

Start an experiment run

Pause an experiment run

Restart an experiment run

Terminate an experiment run

Compare experiment runs

Schedule Management APIs

Create a schedule

Modify an existing schedule

Delete an existing schedule

Pause the execution of an existing schedule

Resume the execution of a paused schedule

User Management APIs

Create a user

Deactivate a user

Get details of a user

Other APIs

Get xpresso.ai version