What is xpresso.ai?

xpresso.ai is an Integrated Development, Deployment and Management Environment (IDDME), that eases the job of developing, deploying and monitoring software solutions (especially Analytics solutions) to a high-availability environment, by providing development teams with tools and automated processes that encapsulate industry-standard best practices.

Specifically, it enables data scientists to navigate the data-to-cognitive-insights journey in an intuitive and standardized manner. It relieves development teams from concerns and processes of development operations (DevOps) and deployment, leaving them free to focus on solving business problems of customers . Therefore, it can serve as a common development environment for data scientists, analysts, IT/data engineers, and data team managers.

How can xpresso.ai help in delivery of Analytics solutions?

xpresso.ai accelerates delivery of Analytics solutions. The traditional approach to such solutions involves a number of specialized roles, resulting in high effort, cost and time for delivery (Fig. 1)


Fig. 1: Traditional Approach to Analytics solution delivery

In contrast, a delivery process based on the xpresso.ai environment results in significant acceleration, and consequent cost savings (Fig. 2)


Fig. 2: Accelerated delivery of Analytics solutions using xpresso.ai IDDME

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