xpresso Data Management

A comprehensive modular platform designed to manage every aspect of the data engineering pipeline from ingestion to insight

With our data management offerings, quickly ingest and manage high-volume data from varied sources without infrastructure changes, augment workflows with AI & ML models, pre-compute rapidly, connect to various BI tools, work code-free, and build visually rich dashboards.

UST Data Explorer

  • Speed – Built on top of the open-source Trino project, a highly parallel, distributed query engine.
  • Scale – Query petabytes of data and billions of records from data lakes, warehouses, streams, and files.
  • Query federation – Query multiple data sources with a single query. Join historical data in the enterprise warehouse with transactional data in OLTP systems.
  • Materialize data – Persist data on the built-in repository for more interactive analysis. Eliminate load on source systems while performing exploratory analysis.

UST Ingest

  • Speed – Leverages Apache Spark to ingest large volumes of data within meaningful timeframes.
  • Scale – Ingesting Gigabytes to Petabytes with no changes to the infrastructure.
  • Multiple sources – Ingest data from relational databases, data lakes, streams, and NoSQL databases.
  • Simplicity – A graphical UI lets you connect, configure, schedule, and monitor ingestion workloads. No programming required.

UST Fire

  • Speed – Workflows run natively on Apache Spark, letting you leverage the speed and scale of a massively parallel processing engine.
  • Simplicity – Develop complex workflows using a drag and drop visual interface with over 300 nodes to address all your programming needs.
  • Scale – Horizontally scalable and deployable on its own cluster to support 1000s of users.
  • Intelligent workflows – Augment your workflows with AI and ML models for some true self-serve AI.

UST Qubz

  • Speed – An MPP architecture allows for pre-compute in meaningful timeframes. A wide-columnar storage ensures sub-second query performance on 100s of billions of rows.
  • Scale – Truly infinite scale. Scale your analytics workloads from processing gigabytes of data to petabytes with zero disruption.
  • Connectivity – Connect the BI tool of your choice through ODBC, JDBC, REST API, Python, or MDX connectors. Couple with UST Data Workflows for a true ingestion to insights capability.
  • Simplicity – A graphical UI lets you connect, configure, schedule, and monitor your cubes. No programming required.

UST Insights Studio

  • Simple – Easily integrate to data sources and build and share dashboards with rich visualizations.
  • Modern – Based on a modern, web application architecture UST Insights Studio leverages the power of your data infrastructure.
  • Scale – Scale to 1000s of users, can run on a single node or on a cluster.
  • Rich visualizations – A rich suite of visualizations allow you to build and share beautiful dashboards.

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