xpresso Workflow Orchestration

Reliable And Easy-To-Use Toolkits To Build Complex
AI/ML Workflows

Standardized approach to enable faster iteration of model development, training and frequent model deployments

Create Complex Pipelines In Minutes

  • Automate the complexity of ML pipelines
  • Quickly design and code end-to-end data and model pipeline flows with drag-drop functionality
  • Accelerate pipeline creation by using pre-built components from xpresso’s components library
  • Create reusable components that can be used across solutions by including them in the components library

Build And Deploy Effortlessly

  • Built-in DevOps automation to accelerate the process from development to production
  • Rapidly build docker containers with a single click
  • Easily deploy machine learning workflows on Kubeflow and Spark
  • Customize workflows to be able to run experiments in parallel with varying parameters and datasets

Cognitive Modelling To Actionable Insights

  • Run experiments in parallel to rapidly identify the most optimum model to take to production
  • Track and visualize each experiment run along with the metrics to enhance quality control and allow for continuous improvement
  • Schedule experiment runs to optimize resource utilization
  • Conduct A/B or 1..n tests with various set of inputs to measure the outputs

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