Making Artificial Intelligence Engineering Available For Citizen Data Scientists


Making Artificial Intelligence Engineering Available For Citizen Data Scientists Team
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With artificial intelligence engineering becoming such a critical part of the way organizations work, many people are starting to wonder whether the industry should be open to people with less specialized skills a.k.a the citizen data scientist. As it currently stands, it is one of the industries that require the most training. Many people in machine learning, artificial intelligence engineering, and data science require at least a master’s or a Ph.D. to get into this industry. Not only that, but they also require a Ph.D. in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics. It makes it difficult for the average person to contribute to data science and machine learning projects. Inclusive AI is thought to enable a good citizen data scientist to contribute more to each project.

What Is Inclusive AI?

Inclusive AI is the idea that projects in this field should include people from a wide range of skill sets, backgrounds, and roles. It means they would all work together towards the single goal of creating the AI project. The current model relies on having specific teams working using a silo approach. These teams all generally have the same skill set, which means there isn’t much inclusivity and diversity on the project. The core organizational structure could change by moving to inclusive AI. It could make enterprise AI work better in reflecting values and creating accurate models. It could also mean that this new collaborative approach would change how companies structure teams and their results.

Opening Up Artificial Intelligence Engineering to More People

Many people think that it would be better if everyone in the organization could make an impact on the AI project. It would not matter what their skill set was, as projects would be more inclusive. The diverse skill sets available would ensure that day-to-day decisions would be better. However, one downside to this is that it would be difficult to train the various people working with the data. As it stands, data science is a manual process, and it will have to be more automated to ensure that it can be more inclusive. It is one of the many things changing the industry, and we will continue to see that with time. Artificial intelligence engineering will open up to more people, but we will have to see how to make it practical to do so.

Benefits of Keeping AI Exclusivity

There is an obvious benefit to ensuring that AI stays exclusive. The main benefit has to do with speed. An exclusive AI team will work a lot faster than an inclusive one. The reality is that no matter how much you try to make AI an inclusive industry, it will always require an air of exclusivity. There is a reason why many people in this industry require you to have a Ph.D. in a subject like mathematics or statistics to get work. An exclusive team will be able to get up and running a lot faster, and they will be able to give you much better results when working on projects. It will ultimately work well when you need quick results in a period that isn’t conducive to training anyone. You also get more accurate results, as these people are a lot more skilled in what they do.

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