It Should Not Be Called Data Science, It Should Be Called Data Art

The Data Driven Podcast had an insightful conversation with Krishna Kumar Ramanujam, the Chief Architect, EVP, and India Country Head for Abzooba.  KK is a Solutions Architect with more than 20 years of experience in architecture, design, and development of high-performance software products across domains. He is a specialist in the design of frameworks to enable non-technical end-users to create business applications.   He earned a Bachelors’s and a Master’s degree from the prestigious India Institute of Technology, Bombay in Electrical Engineering.

Some of the topics we discussed on the podcast include:

  • Working at IBM and KK’s introduction to Data Mining
  • Early Data Engineering and Data Science in the NBA and the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta
  • A typical company’s AI journey
  • The accelerating emergence of Data Science and MLOps
  • How choosing the right tools can really make a difference
  • Transfer Learning and Data Augmentation
  • How small and medium-sized companies can take advantage of MLOps platforms
  • xpresso.ai

View the full Podcast here.

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