We Do See That There Is a Lot of Value In The Data

The Data Driven Podcast was joined by Ben Emson, the Chief Technical Officer of Topolytics.  Topolytics is a data analytics business that is making the world’s waste Visible, Verifiable, and Valuable.  Topolytics’ customers use its WasteMap to help them gain visibility and control of environmental data immediately or over time, turning complex and varied metrics into useful information for management teams, regulators, customers, and communities making it engaging, sensible and actionable.

Some of the topics that Ben and I discussed:

  • Ben’s introduction to computers was a Commodore PET
  • His first owned computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum
  • How learning how to program a computer changes your mind-set
  • How using data is different than writing code
  • Data value increases through layers
  • How data can empower the building and strengthening of the circular economy
  • The necessity to ‘Innovate Out of Problems’
  • Data can be malleable

View the full Podcast here.

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