When a Pattern Generalizes, It’s Real

The Data Driven Podcast had a really enjoyable and inspiring conversation with Karen Nelson-Field, Ph.D., the Founder, and CEO of Amplified Intelligence.  Karen is a globally acclaimed researcher in media science and her work has been noted in the New York Times, Bloomberg Business, CNBC, Forbes, and the Australian Financial Review, among others.  Karen is also the author of, “The Attention Economy and How Media Works” – a must-read for anyone in the advertising and media space.On top of all of that, it was simply a joy to talk to Karen…we laughed a lot. Some of the topics that Karen and I discussed included:

  • Accidental entrepreneurialism and how there are not enough hours in the day
  • Generalizability Is the Building Blocks for Meaningful Results – Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science
  • What is the Attention Economy
  • The technology stack that Amplified Intelligence has built to measure ‘Attention’`
  • The early days of Facebook and social media and how ‘Likes’ do not lead to more brand loyalty
  • Reach is not free and simply building Likes, Followers, or Communities does not necessarily mean it will nudge people to buy
  • The concept of ‘negative diffusion’ and the misconceptions around content virality
  • Are there ways to predict across platforms if a human is paying attention
  • There are functional factors of a platform that foster inattention versus attention and that is predictable
  • Based on her extensive research and findings, the top-tree measure had to be ‘Attention’
  • How anything that measures ‘Reach’ can have an ‘Attention’ adjustment applied
  • Yachtsmen, Architects, and Serendipity

View the full Podcast here.

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