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With a large influx of data, healthcare organizations can leverage this magnitude of data to delivery better results with greater accuracy. AI can help healthcare organizations deliver the best predictions and outcomes for patients, while driving down costs and significantly personalizing patient care.


Underwriting Process Augmentation

Accurate claim records can positively impact reserve requirements/loss ratio. This leads to premiums that are...

Sentiment Analytics​

Press Ganey is a leading provider of patient experience measurement & performance analytics....

Screening Eligibility Analytics

In 2017, our client, a healthcare payer based in Pennsylvania, signed a five-year...

Chargemaster Analytics

The chargemaster or charge description master (CDM) is a comprehensive listing of items...

Claim Adjudication Analytics

Overpayment on healthcare claims can cost millions of dollars. Our client, a payment...

Document Retrieval System

Information retrieval is difficult because it can come in multiple different forms. It...

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