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With the large volume of data available today to most retailers, the optimum way to utilize this data lies in how efficiently it can be leveraged effectively. AI-driven automation is revolutionizing the retail industry with insights and strategic solutions that drive innovation.


Retail Sales Prediction

Our client, a Florida-based retailer, was using qualitative techniques to forecast sales using...


MLOps for Auto Attribution of Images Using Computer Vision

This is a major American designer and marketer of children’s apparel. The use...


Unified Customer Experience Management Suite

Modern businesses place their customers’ experience as a high priority and are proactive...


Smart Chatbot

Modern e-commerce offers today’s customers increased convenience. Retailers can stay relevant in a...


Markdown Analytics

Discount management is a critical part of margin maximization for a retailer. It...


Contactless Checkout

Modern, digital-first consumers are eager to save time and prefer multiple options at...

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