Turbocharging Banking with Data and Artificial Intelligence


Turbocharging Banking with Data and Artificial Intelligence

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Both artificial intelligence and data science are changing the way that banks work. In fact, there are few industries that have adopted these technologies in the same way that banks have done. Artificial intelligence in banking has grown tremendously, and that is only going to change with time. Many banks are even going by a data driven strategy when making decisions. That data strategy is changing the way they do things like fraud prevention and customer service.

In the future, it might change the way they handle loan applications and other core bank functions. With the importance of these two technologies, banks are having to create a cohesive strategy to make implementation easier. That means avoiding having to hire people with both banking and artificial intelligence knowledge and instead relying on end-to-end platforms that deliver the same results without any extra effort.

AI and Data in Customer Support

Banks are finding massive usage for AI and data in customer support. The massive amounts of data that banks are generating is leading to the next level of customer support capability. It allows banks to deliver automated customer service in areas where they needed staff before. That means that banks can streamline operations without having to worry about lowering the quality of services delivered. In fact, banks are slated to save over $1 trillion in the coming years because of these technologies.

The data used in creating these chatbots and recommendation systems can also be used by the banks to deliver even better customer service in the future. They can optimize processes and have better answers ready for people who are searching.

In Fraud Prevention

The biggest application for artificial intelligence in banking is in fraud prevention and detection. In fact, this is where banks have led the way in improving these technologies. Fraud prevention is a massive business to banks, as it can cut into their bottom line profits. However, many banks needed staff to look at some types of fraud manually. They can now use the massive amounts of data being generated to analyze certain transactions and accounts to detect fraud more easily.

The level of fraud detection delivered by banks is enabling customers to save a lot of money. In previous times, scammers would be able to steal a credit card number and spend nonstop. However, banks are using data and artificial intelligence to detect these types of fraud and stop them before they even get going. This data driven strategy is consistently improving, which is making the technology even better for the future. It is also showing that artificial intelligence in banking is a major benefit to the industry.

Giving Banks a Better System for Data Science and AI

The main problem for banks is that they don’t have the necessary people available with the skill set to implement these platforms for them. That is why banks need a proper end-to-end system that offers everything they need in one platform. Most machine learning projects never make it into production, but that can change when banks and other companies have everything, they need to build successful platforms without hiring many outside people. A comprehensive system like from xpresso.ai can be the solution. You get an end-to-end solution that simplifies the process of putting your machine learning models into production. It makes your transition to a data driven strategy effortless.

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